Fire Damage Restoration in Farmington, NM

When fire strikes we are ready

If fire strikes your home or business it is extremely traumatic, which is why we offer fire damage restoration in Farmington, NM. Whether the damage is from a small house fire, a factory fire, or a devastating wildfire, Central Flood Management LLC works to secure your property so that you can take care of your family, employees or tenants.

Fire Damage Restoration in Farmington, NMDo not attempt to enter a structure and repair any damage yourself. There can be unseen structural issues that should be left to the professional team at Central Flood Management LLC.

Smoke damage removal is a very delicate task that should be handled by licensed professionals, using protective gear.
After a fire, fine particles of ash and soot can be disturbed or even inhaled, so it’s important that trained staff are on-site to restore your property, quickly and effectively. Allow us to help you. Smoke from a fire, even a small fire, can penetrate areas of the structure that are not visible.

At Central Flood Management LLC, we have specialized equipment to determine the extent of the smoke, water and soot damage.
If this damage isn’t handled properly, further damage can actually be sustained and a lingering odor will remain when the repairs are done.

Time is of the essence in this situation.

Central Flood Management  LLC is prepared for immediate response and mobilization when fire or smoke damage affects your property.
We will quickly board up your windows and secure your home. From there we will begin the process of putting your home back together.

Across thHouse on firee country, our teams provide 24/7 response to fire and smoke damage

We work with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES and GENERAL CONTRACTORS, and are accustomed to documenting the restoration process, making your claim smooth.

Let Central Flood Management  LLC, Restore Your Peace of Mind. Experiencing a fire is a stressful situation for homeowners & business